Best kodi repositories list 2018 to install all the best addons

Since we know that KODI is a media player program which can stream online content. In order to do so, we need some addons to stream our favorite content. There are two types of kodi addons. One is official add-ons and the other is 3rd party add-ons. To install these addons we first need to install the kodi repositories. These kodi repos will contain the source file of the different kodi addons.

What are the kodi repositories?

These addons are developed by developers around the world. Some developers may have their own repository some may not. Here comes the 3rd party repository. These kodi repositories will host the add-ons developed by developers across the world. The repository is like a huge database or storage space where the necessary files are stored which are required for the proper functioning of add-ons. We can also install standalone add-ons, but most of the add-ons are stored on frequently changing servers. So it’s not advisable to install standalone add-ons.

Instead, install the repository and then install add-ons from the repository. In doing so you don’t need to update each and ever add-ons. Most of the repository are auto-updateable. Which in turn automatically update the add-ons. A single repository can be shared by many addons. Since the base kernel file required to develop the addon is same. And a single addon can be found in many repositories.

Kodi Repositories vs Kodi Builds

Repository and builds are two whole new concepts, In order to install addons, we need some basic linking files. These files are available in the repository. And we can proceed to addon installation after installing repository. By doing so we can prevent lots of future errors such as dependency error, etc. And a lot of addons can share the same repository. So repository is like one-time installation work. On the other hand, there are stand-alone addons, which doesn’t require repository installation. But it’s not recommended.

Kodi Builds are like modded kodi software. since kodi is open source program its source code is available on the internet. Developers are free to modify the source code. Such modified program is called kodi builds. Though they have the same framework, They got some amazing interface and feature.

How to install kodi Repositories

There are two methods available to install repository.

  • Install from a Zip file.
  • Install by using the path of the repository.

In install from zip file method, we will download the required files on our local hardware. And during installation, we will redirect to the installer stored location. Whereas in another method we will directly enter the path in the installer and during installation, the installer will download the required files.

Best kodi repo URL

Sl.NoRepository NameRepository URL
2Smash Repo
3Colossus repo
4Ares Repo
5Noobs and Nerds Repo
6Mucky duck repo
7Stream army repo
8Stream hub repo
9Dandy media repo
10Simply caz repo

10 Best Kodi repositories List 2017

Super repo

The Superrepo is one of the best kodi repositories which has lots of sub-repository due to its vast collections of diverse add-ons. In order to install the add-on, we have to install repository followed by the sub-repository.  super repo is one the best repository. It is the host for most of the evergreen repo. There is another advantage in installing add-ons by using repo that all the plugins will be installed along with the repo. There are totally 46 sub-repository in the super repository. It has been categorized accordingly.

Smash repository

Smash repo is one of the awesome repo. It has a limited number of add-ons. But it is the host for evergreen add-on “exodus”. So it’s pretty good repo. It has various other add-ons such as youtube. Totally it has 16 video addons. It also has few other categories of add-ons such as program add-ons and music add-ons.

colossus repo

It is one of the most fast-growing repo nowadays. It has three categories of add-ons as music add-ons, program add-ons, video addons. The most famous add-ons are some of the video add-ons such as sports devil. But some of the add-ons are outdated.

Ares repo

Ares repo is a project, its the collection of specific add-ons from each category. It has a lot of good add-ons like planet MMA, sportsdevil, etc… and some add-ons may have multi-host. But some third-party add-ons are not up to date. so let’s wait for next update.

Noobs and Nerds Repo

It’s one of the informative repo which focuses on lots of stream including knowledge. In this repo, we can find add-ons for free lectures and other stuff related to entertainment like web series (GOT, FLASH, etc…)

Mucky duck repo

It’s one of the upcoming repo among Kodi users because of its entertainment content. Other than entertainment content it also provides lot other such as tv shows, movies, live stream shows, etc. Most famous mucky duck add-ons are 123Movies, duckpool, FUBAR, etc…

Stream army repo

Stream army repo is not very famous repo but advanced Kodi user may know about its advantage. The main advantage is this repo has individual addon for sports and some streams of entertainment. If you are a sports lover then you should try this addon sports world. It is one of the best sports add-ons.

Stream hub repo

Stream hub repo is yet another repo for entertainment which can stream movies, tv shows, etc. But one of the unique features of this repo is they can stream the same content in various quality such as 4K, HD(1080p), 720p, 360p. In doing so its help the Kodi user who has limited bandwidth. Stream hub and Flixanity are some of the famous add-ons from this repo.

Dandy media repo

Dandy media is an upcoming repo. The media content in this repo is good. It provides movies and tv shows. This is yet another repo which provides entertainment in each and every stream. This is one of the few add-ons exclusively for entertainment.

Simply caz repo

Simply caz repo is an integrated repo which has some of the popular add-ons from other repo. And it also has its add-ons. such as watch 5s a good addon to watch live streams of movies.

Note: In the world of Kodi some streams are illegal. So the URL of kodi repositories are being changed frequently. Follow our website regularly to get all the latest updates related to kodi repositories.