superrepo kodi repository

Superrepo kodi repository download, install and usage guide

Superrepo is the most famous repository among the Kodi user. It has over 2000 add-ons in the stream of movies, live tv, music, sports, cartoon, anime, web series, etc. Superrepo has lots of sub-repository due to its large collection of add-ons. To install the add-on, we have to install repository followed by the sub-repository.  Most of these add-ons are not live now but still superrepo is one the best repository. There is another advantage in installing add-ons by using repo that all the plugins will be installed along with the repo. There are totally 46 sub-repository in the super repository. It has been categorized accordingly. Some of the popular add-ons of the super repository are the exodus, Playon Browser, 1channel, Amazon prime, Elysium.  Literally, it will have most of the addons. These addons are further categorized into video addons, program addons, music addons. Picture addons, etc.

superrepo kodi repository

Superrepo is the largest 3rd party repository. It contains all the required addons in the highly categorized manner. With the help of super repository, we can even install small repository. The Super repository is linked to other 486 repositories. In simple terms super repo is the collection of most of the repository.

How to install Superrepo kodi repository

Step 1: Go to settings followed by the file manager.

Step 2: Double click on add source

Step 3: Add file source dialog box will appear in that select none and add the path of the repository as “”. And click ok

Step 4: And give a name to the repository for easy identification.

Step 5:  Navigate to your home screen and click on add-ons.

Step 6: Click on the addon browser icon at the top left corner.

Step 7:  Select install from the zip file. And select the name which you have given.

Step 8: And wait for some time till you receive a notification of successful installation.

Step 9: Now select install from the repository and select the addon which you want to install.

Step 10: wait for some time, you will receive a notification of successful installation of add-ons.

Super repo Index

This list will give you a rough estimation of addons available in the super repository

music addons – 195

picture addons- 27

program addons – 490

video addons – 1894

Special features of super repo

Due to its wide collection of the repository. We can directly install other repositories from the superrepo.

Step 1: Select package installer icon.

Step 2: Select install from repository.

Step 3: Select super repository[ALL].

Step 4: Now select ADDON repository, And select the repository which you want to install. And select install.

Superrepo error fix guide

The most common error in superrepo installation is “repository can’t be installed”. To fix this error, check the source URL by entering it in a browser. Sometimes the server may go down. Either it will show the index of the super repo or it will throw “back page not found”. Wait for some time for server fix or try alernate URL to the repository.

Sometime error can be caused due to the usage of outdated version. So check for latest version and update your kodi.

That’s all about the installation of Special feature and error fixing of the superrepo. Hope you enjoyed it.

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