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Ares repo kodi installation and quick setup guide for krypton

Ares repo is one of the most reliable repo ever. It has very few limited number of addons, But most of these are the best and most reliable source. It has another advantage over other repo if there are any nonworking addons. It will be shown in the description. So the user doesn’t have to install and check for working of addons.

Ares repo has included a lot of additional plugins to the existing addons. If the user has ares wizard installed these addition plugins will be installed automatically.  Ares project has a linked repository like colossus repository. Ares project (repository) has 5 subcategories as follows addon repository, Music addons, program addons, Services and video addons. The program addon includes ares wizard through which we can install all the addons and required plugins. It has 40 video addons which include Planet MMA, Sportsdevil, wrestling on demand, and various other ares addons such as Ares anime, Ares magic, ares tube, etc… ARes project has only one music addon names ares music. It has a wide collection of music from the late 80’s.

How to install Ares repo on kodi

  1. Open your kodi device, Navigate to settings on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Now system settings window will be displayed, Select file manager.
  3. Now double click on the file source.
  4. In this window, we can add the internal and external location of the file. Double click on <NONE>.
  5. Now enter the path as “”. This is the external link to the ares repository source file.
  6. Enter any name (ares) for easy identification. And click OK.
  7. Now navigate back to your home screen and select addons.
  8. Select package installer icon which is at the top left corner.
  9. From the list of options select install from zip file.
  10. A pop up will appear which shows all the available source both internal and external.
  11. Select the name which you had given before.
  12. Select Ares repository Zip file.
  13. Wait for some time after that you will receive a successful installation notification.
  14. Now Select install from repository.
  15. From the list of available repository select Ares project.
  16. Select any of the subcategories, for instance, Video addons
  17. Select any of the video addons. An information page will be opened.
  18. Select install at the bottom right corner.
  19. wait for some time you will receive an addon enabled notification.
  20. Now open the addon by clicking on addon name and Select open. And enjoy your favorite streams.

Popular addons from Ares repo kodi

  • Planet MMA

It is one of the best sports addons, to watch live sports. And this addon has most of the content about sports. If you are searching for sports highlights then this is the best addon for you. It includes a lot of content in a highly categorized manner for easy identification. It includes some special category like Top 10, born to fight, Ultimate fighter etc.

  • Sportsdevil

This is a yet another popular sports addon. It has 6 subcategories which include highlights, Live sports, Sports TV, live TV. This addon is famous for its Live sports content. And user mainly uses this addon to watch PPV sports such as UFC.

That’s all about the installation of ares repo on kodi krypton. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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